The value of SEO in Business consulting

Welcome to the first blog post of what will hopefully be a regular occurrence.

We will try and post interesting things that we find and services we recommend.

When consulting with clients around marketing the topic of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) inadvertently comes up.

This is the process of optimising your site to rank as highly as possible in google for the keywords your potential customers search for.

SEO is becoming more complex and less easier to game. Companies can only survive by providing services in line with Google policies.

Make sure when you choose a supplier you find one who is what is known as ‘white hat’, this means they are providing a service in the way that google likes.

We have heard good things aboutĀ an SEO solutions company called Profit Engine, based in Cheshire UK they focus on Link Building and Content outreach. You can find out more about them hereĀ